The Diamond Catcher

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Have you ever wished for something and never realized that what you wished for was already there? 

“spread your wings, my little butterfly”

Stevie Nicks - Crystal

"Do you always trust, your first, initial feeling.?"

Practical Magic. One of the movies that actually inspired me. Although it was about witchcraft, it showed me a lot of good things and it told me that I wasn’t alone, in so many ways. 

A Warm Welcome

Hello. My Name is Gerika and welcome to  my other blog. This blog is more serious than my other one. If you want to follow my other one it’s 

My Goal for this blog, “The Diamond Catcher” is to share my stories and experiences. And in some of my posts, I want to motivate others. 

I hope that you will follow me. I follow back btw. :)